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Tata Communications Secures Five-Year Broadcasting Deal with World Athletics

Tata Communications has finalized a significant five-year agreement with World Athletics to provide broadcasting services, enhancing global coverage of premier events starting from the Tokyo World Championships. This partnership marks Tata Communications as a pivotal supplier, committed to innovation and audience engagement.

Key Highlights of the Agreement

Under this partnership, Tata Communications will serve as the host broadcaster for highlighted events such as the World Athletics Indoor Championships in Nanjing, the World Athletics Relays in Guangzhou, and the World Athletics Road Running Championships in San Diego, all scheduled for 2025. The collaboration aims to elevate viewer experience with immersive coverage and customized live content delivery across continents.

Strategic Implications

Dhaval Ponda, Global Head of Media & Entertainment Business at Tata Communications, emphasized the company’s readiness to meet evolving viewer demands and enhance global connectivity, ensuring broader access to athletics and inspirational stories worldwide.

Financial Performance and Market Response

Following the announcement, Tata Communications observed a two percent increase in its shares, reflecting positive investor sentiment amid its expanding role in global sports broadcasting.

World Athletics: Key points

Governing Body: World Athletics (formerly known as the International Association of Athletics Federations, or IAAF) is the international governing body for the sport of athletics, which includes track and field events.

Headquarters: The headquarters of World Athletics is located in Monaco.

Events: World Athletics organizes and oversees numerous prestigious events, including:

    • The World Athletics Championships (both indoor and outdoor)
    • World Athletics Indoor Championships
    • World Athletics Relays
    • World Athletics Road Running Championships
    • Diamond League series
    • Continental Cup
    • World Cross Country Championships

Membership: It comprises member federations from around the world, each representing their respective national athletics associations.

Role: World Athletics sets and enforces the rules and regulations of athletics competitions globally, ensures fair play, sanctions records, and promotes the sport internationally.

Promotion of Athletics: Beyond organizing events, World Athletics plays a crucial role in promoting the sport, enhancing athlete development, and supporting initiatives to grow athletics participation worldwide.

Broadcasting and Media: It partners with organizations like Tata Communications to ensure extensive broadcasting and media coverage of its events, aiming to reach a global audience and enhance viewer engagement.

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