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The First Hindi Newspaper of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, the fourth largest state in India, is renowned for its diverse culture and unique traditions. This state attracts numerous domestic and international tourists each year who come to experience its rich cultural heritage. Being a Hindi-speaking state, Uttar Pradesh has a significant presence of major Hindi newspapers. Have you ever wondered which was the first Hindi newspaper in Uttar Pradesh? Let’s find out through this article.

An Overview of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, covering an area of 240,928 square kilometers, is India’s fourth-largest state, constituting 7.33% of the country. Formerly known as the North-Western Provinces, it was later renamed as the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh. Post-independence, on January 24, 1950, it was named Uttar Pradesh. In 2000, the state of Uttarakhand was carved out from Uttar Pradesh. Currently, the state comprises 75 districts divided into 18 divisions, with 351 tehsils and 17 municipal corporations.

Importance of Media in India

In India, media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy, playing a crucial role in shaping the social and economic landscape of the country. Newspapers, a vital part of the media, have a significant impact, especially in Hindi-speaking regions like Uttar Pradesh. Today, Uttar Pradesh hosts several prominent Hindi newspapers, but do you know which was the first Hindi newspaper in this state?

The First Hindi Newspaper of Uttar Pradesh

The first Hindi newspaper in Uttar Pradesh was the “Banaras Akhbar.” It was launched in January 1845 and edited by Govind Narayan Thatte. The newspaper was managed by Shivprasad Sitar-e-Hind. While some consider it the first Hindi newspaper, it is recognized as the first newspaper in a Hindi-speaking state.

Language used in Banaras Akhbar

The “Banaras Akhbar” was unique because it used Hindi along with Arabic and Persian languages. This multilingual approach made it challenging for many readers to understand the newspaper’s content fully.

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