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The Oldest Star in the Universe

In a recent discovery using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), astronomers have identified some of the oldest spherical groups known in the cosmos. These globular clusters are dense collections of millions of stars that may represent remnants of the earliest stars and formations in the universe.

The Oldest Star in the Universe

Known as Methuselah Star or HD 140283, this massive star is located approximately 190 light-years away from Earth, near the boundary of the Milky Way galaxy in the constellation of Taurus. Its age, estimated at about 14 billion years, predates the formation of our galaxy, making it older than the universe itself.

Composition and Characteristics of Oldest Star in the Universe

Methuselah Star is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium, with minimal traces of heavier elements like iron. This composition suggests that it formed at a time when the universe was still predominantly composed of these lighter elements, before heavier elements became more prevalent through the fusion processes in larger stars.

Insights from Astrophysical Studies

Studies published in Astrophysical Journal Letters have not only determined Methuselah Star’s age but also shed light on its energy production mechanisms over its vast lifespan. Such studies help astronomers understand not only the star’s longevity but also the evolutionary stages it has gone through in its existence.

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