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Top-10 Figs Producing Countries in the World

Figs, renowned for their sweetness and versatility, are cultivated across the globe in varying climates and terrains. As one of the oldest fruits known to humanity, figs hold cultural and culinary significance in many regions. This article explores the top 10 fig producing countries worldwide, highlighting their agricultural prowess and contributions to the global fig market.

Global Figs Production

Worldwide fig production has soared to 1,242,449 tonnes, reflecting growing global demand. Figs, known for their sweet flavor and nutritional benefits, are cultivated extensively across various countries. This increase underscores their popularity in both fresh and processed forms, contributing significantly to agricultural economies worldwide.

Largest Figs Producing Country in the World

Turkey stands as the largest fig-producing country globally, with an impressive production of 300,282 tonnes. Its favorable climate and extensive cultivation areas contribute significantly to this achievement, making Turkey a key player in the global fig market. The country’s expertise in fig farming ensures consistent yields, meeting both domestic demand and international export requirements effectively.

Top-10 Figs Producing Countries in the World

Turkey with an annual figs production of 300,282 tons, stands as the largest figs producing country in the world, followed by Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.

Here is the list of top-10 figs producing countries in the world:

Top-10 Figs Producing Countries in the World
Rank Countries Figs Production (in tonnes)
1. Turkey 300,282
2. Egypt 176,105
3. Algeria 128,620
4. Morocco 126,554
5. Iran 72,672
6. Syrian Arab Republic 35,301
7. United States of America 30,300
8. Spain 28,896
9. Brazil 28,053
10. Tunisia 27,000

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