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Top-10 Raisin Producing Countries in the World

Raisins, the dried form of grapes, are a nutritious and versatile snack enjoyed globally. These sweet treats are integral to various culinary traditions and are produced in many countries with favorable climates and advanced agricultural techniques. This article explores the top 10 raisin-producing countries, highlighting their unique production methods, climatic advantages, and contributions to the global market.

Global Raisin Production

Global raisin production experienced substantial growth from 2017/2018 to 2022/2023. In 2017/2018, worldwide production was 1,218,200 metric tons. By 2022/2023, it had increased to about 1.31 million metric tons. This rise reflects the growing demand and expansion of the raisin industry across the globe.

Largest Raisin Producing Country in the World

The United States stands as the largest raisin-producing country in the world, with an impressive annual production of 320,000 metric tons. The majority of this production comes from California’s Central Valley, where the warm, dry climate is perfect for drying grapes. This significant output underscores the U.S.’s dominance in the global raisin market.

Top-10 Raisin Producing Country in the World

United States with the annual raisin production of 320,000 metric tons, stands as the largest raisin producer in the world, followed by Turkey, China, and Iran.

Here is the list of top-10 raisin producing country in the world:

Top-10 Raisin Producing Country in the World
Rank Country Raisin Production (in metric tons)
1. United States 320,000
2. Turkey 310,000
3. China 180,000
4. Iran 160,000
5. Chile 65,500
6. South Africa 50,000
7. Afghanistan 36,000
8. Argentina 33,000
9. Uzbekistan 20,000
10. Mexico 10,000

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