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Uttar Pradesh Cadre IPS officer Alok Sharma Named New Chief Of SPG


Senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Alok Sharma has been appointed as the new director of the Special Protection Group (SPG), the elite security unit responsible for safeguarding the Prime Minister.

Leadership Transition at SPG Following the Demise of Chief Arun Kumar Sinha

  • This crucial appointment comes in the wake of the unfortunate demise of SPG chief Arun Kumar Sinha in September.
  • Alok Sharma, who currently serves as the additional director general of SPG, assumes the leadership role with immediate effect, according to a government order approved by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.

SPG Chief Arun Kumar Sinha, Responsible For PM Modi’s Protection, Passes Away

A Stalwart in the UP Cadre

  • Alok Sharma hails from the Uttar Pradesh cadre of the IPS and brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of law enforcement.
  • His stellar career trajectory and commitment to duty have positioned him as a fitting choice for heading the SPG, a role that demands utmost dedication and strategic acumen.

Overseeing SPG After Arun Kumar Sinha’s Demise

  • Following the untimely death of SPG chief Arun Kumar Sinha on September 6 at a Gurugram hospital, Alok Sharma took charge as the additional director general of the force.
  • This interim period allowed him to familiarize himself with the intricate workings of the SPG and ensure the continuity of its operations during a challenging time.

Legacy of Arun Kumar Sinha

  • Arun Kumar Sinha, the longest-serving chief of the SPG from 2016 to 2023, leaves behind a legacy of unwavering dedication to the security of the Prime Minister.
  • Alok Sharma steps into this esteemed position, inheriting not only the responsibilities but also the ethos established by his predecessor.

Government’s Stamp of Approval

  • The appointment of Alok Sharma as the director of SPG has received the official nod from the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, underscoring the government’s confidence in his capabilities to lead this elite security force.
  • The move signifies the recognition of Alok Sharma’s leadership qualities and his ability to navigate the intricate challenges associated with securing the highest office in the country.

Duration of Sharma’s Tenure

  • While the government order announcing Alok Sharma’s appointment does not specify the duration of his new assignment, it mentions that he will continue in this capacity until further orders.
  • This flexibility allows for a strategic approach, ensuring stability and continuity in the SPG’s leadership while affording the government the ability to assess and adapt to evolving security needs.

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