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Vietnam’s National Hydrogen Strategy: Targets 500,000T of clean H2 by 2030

Vietnam has set forth an ambitious national hydrogen strategy, aiming to become a significant player in the global hydrogen market. With targets ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 tons of clean hydrogen production annually by 2030, escalating to 10-20 million tons by 2050, the strategy seeks to leverage both green and blue hydrogen production methods.

Key Objectives

Hydrogen Production Targets:

    • Produce 100,000-500,000 tons of clean hydrogen annually by 2030.
    • Scale up production to 10-20 million tons by 2050.

Diversified Energy Sources:

    • Emphasize renewable energy-based hydrogen production.
    • Utilize carbon-capture technologies for hydrogen production from traditional energy sources.

Market Development:

    • Foster the growth of Vietnam’s hydrogen energy ecosystem, encompassing production, storage, transportation, and distribution.
    • Target both domestic consumption and export markets.

Implementation Strategies

Sector Integration:

    • Align hydrogen energy development with the fuel conversion roadmap across various sectors including electricity production, transportation, and heavy industries.

Infrastructure Optimization:

    • Deploy pilot projects leveraging existing infrastructure.
    • Establish mechanisms and legal frameworks to facilitate the transition of businesses from fossil fuel to hydrogen energy production.

Government Support and Incentives

Policy Framework:

    • Develop preferential mechanisms and policies on taxes, fees, and land rights to attract investment into the hydrogen sector.

Interagency Collaboration:

    • Engage ministries, local authorities, and international development agencies in collaborative efforts to implement the strategy.

Task Assignment:

    • Assign ministries, branches, and localities with specific tasks including adjusting provincial plans and proposing policies to encourage hydrogen fuel adoption.

Capital Mobilization:

    • Increase the mobilization of both domestic and foreign capital sources to support hydrogen infrastructure development and production.

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