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Visakhapatnam Port Achieves Top 20 Ranking in World Bank’s CPPI

The Visakhapatnam Port Authority (VPA) has secured the 19th position in the World Bank’s Container Port Performance Index (CPPI), marking a significant milestone for India’s maritime industry. This achievement underscores the exemplary efforts of Terminal Operator M/s. Visakha Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd. (VCTPL) in enhancing operational efficiency and service delivery.

Key Achievements and Operational Efficiency

VCTPL has demonstrated outstanding performance with key metrics such as 27.5 moves per crane hour, a turnaround time (TRT) of 21.4 hours, and minimal berth idle time. These achievements highlight the port’s ability to handle container ships efficiently, influencing customer preferences and reinforcing its position as a crucial trade gateway.

Strategic Importance and Connectivity

As a pivotal hub for Nepal-bound containers and serving over 65 container lines, including main shipping lines and NVOCCs, VCTPL facilitates vital trade routes to East, West, and Middle East destinations. The terminal’s connectivity and reliability contribute significantly to regional and global trade networks.

Recognition and Future Outlook

Recognized under the Maritime India Vision (MIV) 2030 guidelines, VPA’s performance is lauded by stakeholders, including Railways, Customs, and the State Government, who pledge continued support for further advancements. The port’s recent accolades and growth in cargo throughput reaffirm its role as a key player in India’s maritime sector.

Leadership and Industry Impact

Under the leadership of Chairperson Dr. M. Angamuthu, IAS, VPA continues to prioritize operational excellence and sustainability, earning accolades from the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways for its strategic vision and commitment to enhancing port performance.

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