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Which Indian River is Known as “Dead River”?

India, a land of diverse rivers, boasts a rich heritage intertwined with the flows of its many waterways. However, amidst the myriad of vibrant and life-giving rivers, there exists a river known as the “Dead River.” This moniker is given to the Ghaggar-Hakra River, which holds a unique and somber place in India’s hydrological and historical landscape.

Which Indian River is Known as Dead River?

The Ghaggar-Hakra river, a significant seasonal river running through India and Pakistan, is often referred to as the “Dead River.” It flows prominently during the rainy season, originating near Shimla in the Shivalik mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The river, known as the Ghaggar River before the Ottu Veer dam in Haryana and as the Hakra River beyond it, has historical significance and a geographical journey worth noting.

Historical Significance of Dead River

Many scholars suggest that the Ghaggar-Hakra River represents the last surviving form of the ancient Saraswati River, which once flowed through this region. The Saraswati River holds a prominent place in ancient Indian texts and is revered in Hindu mythology, making the Ghaggar-Hakra’s historical and cultural importance profound.

Course and Journey of Ghaggar River

  • Origin: The Ghaggar originates near Shimla in the Shivalik mountains of Himachal Pradesh, during the monsoon rains.
  • Haryana and Punjab: It passes through Kalka to Ambala in Haryana and Punjab, marking its journey through northern India.
  • Rajasthan: Upon entering Rajasthan, the river forms the lake Talwara in its flow session. It also supports irrigation through two major canals in the region.

Tributaries of Ghaggar River

The Ghaggar-Hakra River is fed by several significant tributaries, which include:

  • Kaushalya River: A key tributary contributing to the Ghaggar’s flow.
  • Markanda: Another important stream feeding into the Ghaggar.
  • Sarsuti: This river joins the Ghaggar along its course.
  • Tangri: One of the vital tributaries merging with the Ghaggar.
  • Chautang: Completes the list of main tributaries supporting the Ghaggar-Hakra river system.

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