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Which is the Largest Railway Station of Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, is also the state with the highest number of districts. Known for its diverse culture and unique traditions, Uttar Pradesh attracts a significant number of domestic and international tourists every year. The majority of the Indian Railways network also passes through this state, further highlighting its importance.

Total Railway Stations in India

To begin with, let’s understand the magnitude of the railway infrastructure in India. The country boasts more than 7,000 railway stations, facilitating the operation of over 22,000 trains daily, including over 13,000 passenger trains, catering to a daily ridership of more than two crore passengers.

Railway Stations in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh hosts around 550 railway stations, with over 230 managed by the North Central Railway zone and more than 170 by the North Eastern Railway zone. These stations form a crucial part of the state’s transportation network, facilitating travel and connectivity within Uttar Pradesh and to neighboring regions.

Which is the Largest Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh?

Gorakhpur Railway Station takes the crown as Uttar Pradesh’s largest railway hub, primarily because of its expansive platforms spanning a total length of 1300 meters. This significant infrastructure places Gorakhpur at the forefront of the state’s railway network, serving as a pivotal junction for numerous train routes and passengers.

Historical Significance of Biggest Railway Station of Uttar Pradesh

Gorakhpur Railway Station, once the world’s largest by platform area, holds historical significance. Although surpassed by Hubli in Karnataka, its legacy remains. Functioning as a vital junction, it links Eastern Uttar Pradesh with Bihar and extends connectivity from northern to eastern India, playing a pivotal role in regional transportation networks.

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