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Which State of United States is Known as “The Garden State”?

New Jersey, a small yet densely populated state located in the northeastern United States, proudly carries the nickname “The Garden State.” This moniker might come as a surprise to those who primarily associate New Jersey with its bustling cities, industrial areas, and the iconic Jersey Shore. However, the nickname reflects the state’s rich agricultural history and its ongoing contributions to farming and horticulture.

Which State of United States is Known as “The Garden State”?

New Jersey, often recognized by its two-letter postal abbreviation “NJ” and the traditional abbreviation “N.J.”, proudly carries the nickname “The Garden State”. This moniker, although seemingly straightforward, has a rich history intertwined with the state’s identity and its residents’ pride.

Origin of the “Garden State” Nickname

The nickname “The Garden State” can be traced back to a notable event in 1876. Honorary Abraham Browning, a distinguished citizen of Camden, New Jersey, made a compelling speech during the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia on New Jersey Day, August 24, 1876. In his address, Browning vividly described New Jersey as a “huge barrel, with both ends open, one of which is plucked by New York and the other by Pennsylvania.” This imagery captured the essence of New Jersey’s geographic and economic position between these two states, emphasizing its agricultural bounty and contributions.

Legislative Journey of the Nickname

The journey of “The Garden State” from a colloquial nickname to an official slogan is an interesting tale of legislative efforts and gubernatorial scrutiny. In 1954, the New Jersey state legislature passed a bill to have “The Garden State” added to the state’s license plates. This decision was not without controversy.

Governor Meyner’s Investigation and Veto

Before the bill could become law, Governor Robert Meyner undertook an investigation into the origins and official recognition of the slogan. Governor Meyner’s findings revealed “no official recognition of the slogan Garden State as an identification of the state of New Jersey.” He expressed skepticism, stating, “I do not believe that the average citizen of New Jersey regards his state as more peculiarly identifiable with gardening or farming than any of its other industries or occupations.” Consequently, Governor Meyner vetoed the bill, reflecting his reservations about the slogan’s representativeness and official status.

Legislative Override and Adoption

Despite Governor Meyner’s veto, the state legislature was determined to enshrine “The Garden State” on New Jersey’s license plates. The legislature successfully overrode the veto, and the slogan was officially added to the license plates soon after. This legislative action cemented “The Garden State” as a key element of New Jersey’s

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