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World Sanskrit Day 2023: Date, Celebration, Significance and History

World Sanskrit Day, also referred to as International Sanskrit Day, Sanskrit Diwas and Vishwa Samskrita Dinam is observed on the day of Shravana Poornima in the Hindu calendar, which is also marked as Raksha Bandhan, which coincides with the moon. This year we will be celebrating Sanskrit Diwas on Thursday, 31st August. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness and promote Sanskrit, one of Indias oldest languages. Sanskrit holds importance as it serves as the foundation, for classical texts in disciplines such, as Literature, Philosophy, Mathematics and Science.

Why is the World Sanskrit Day Celebrated?

World Sanskrit Day is celebrated on the full moon day of the Shraavana month in the Hindu calendar, which generally corresponds to the month of August in the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated to promote and honor the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world, and it is considered to be the mother of all Indo-Aryan languages. It is a highly inflected language, with a complex system of grammar and morphology. Sanskrit is also a very expressive language, and it is used in a wide variety of literature, including poetry, drama, philosophy, and science.

There are many reasons why World Sanskrit Day is celebrated. Some of the reasons include:

  • To promote the study and use of Sanskrit.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of Sanskrit to Indian culture and heritage.
  • To encourage the development of new research and scholarship on Sanskrit.
  • To promote the use of Sanskrit in international communication.
  • To celebrate the beauty and expressiveness of the Sanskrit language.
  • World Sanskrit Day is a day to celebrate the rich history and culture of India, and to reaffirm the importance of Sanskrit as a living language. It is also a day to encourage the younger generation to learn Sanskrit and to appreciate its many benefits.

Significance of World Sanskrit Day

The significance of World Sanskrit Day or Sanskrit Diwas includes the following:

  1. To promote the ancient language Sanskrit, and highlight its historical, cultural, and intellectual value.
  2. Sanskrit is an integral part of India’s heritage. Therefore, the aim of the day is to preserve this language for upcoming generations.
  3. World Sanskrit Day acknowledges the contribution of Sanskrit language in different fields like Literature, Science, Philosophy, and more.
  4. Currently, Sanskrit is not widely spoken in India. The purpose of World Sanskrit Day is to encourage people to study and use Sanskrit language.
  5. World Sanskrit Day focuses on highlighting the linguistic, literary, and cultural aspects of Sanskrit on a global level.

History of World Sanskrit Day

World Sanskrit Day has a history that can be traced back, to 1969. It was during this year that the Indian Government decided to honor and celebrate the contributions of Pāṇini, a figure, in the realm of Sanskrit language and linguistics. The declaration was made to commemorate Pāṇinis work on the occasion of his birth anniversary. Since then this special day has been. Celebrated by Sanskrit scholars and enthusiasts worldwide.

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