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Zomato Introduces Maternity Insurance Plan for Women Delivery Partners

Zomato has taken a big step to support its women delivery partners by introducing a maternity insurance plan. The goal is to make the Zomato community more welcoming and helpful for these women and their families during pregnancy. This initiative is the first of its kind in the industry.

What Does the Insurance Cover?

  • The insurance plan will cover various pregnancy-related expenses, such as the cost of childbirth and any complications that might occur during motherhood.
  • This financial support is meant to ease the burden on women delivery partners and their families.
  • Zomato has partnered with ACKO, a technology-driven insurance company, to provide this maternity insurance coverage.

Who Qualifies for the Insurance?

  • To be eligible for this insurance, women delivery partners must have completed 1,000 deliveries through the Zomato platform.
  • Additionally, they need to have been active on the platform for the last 60 days from the date when the maternity insurance plan was announced.

Statement from Zomato’s CEO

  • Rakesh Ranjan, the CEO of Zomato’s Food Delivery division, mentioned, “By launching Comprehensive Maternity Insurance for Gig Workers, we aim to provide additional support to our partners during their motherhood journey, strengthening our dedication towards their well-being and financial security.
  • We are considering, which will help them meet their needs at every step.”

Focus on Inclusion and Diversity

  • Zomato is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment. This dedication extends not only to the vital delivery partners but also to all aspects and people within the company.
  • Female delivery partners play a crucial role in the Zomato ecosystem, and this initiative aims to break industry stereotypes and support their resilience.

Insurance Benefits

The insurance plan offers benefits such as:

  • Up to Rs 25,000 for a typical delivery.
  • Rs 40,000 for a C-section birth.
  • Rs 40,000 for difficulties related to pregnancy, including miscarriage and abortion.

Fostering a Supportive Gig Economy

  • Zomato is not only looking after the professional needs of its delivery partners but also their personal well-being.
  • This includes benefits like medical coverage, ambulance services, accident insurance, and assistance for loss of pay.

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