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A audiobook title ‘Jungle Nama’ released by Amitav Ghosh

A audiobook title 'Jungle Nama' released by Amitav Ghosh_50.1

Amitav Ghosh’s “Jungle Nama” has now been released as an audiobook with music and voice of US-based Ali Sethi. Jungle Nama evokes the wonder of the Sundarban through its poetry, accompanied by stunning artwork by the renowned artist Salman Toor. This is an illuminated edition of a fabulous folk tale that every book lover will want to possess.

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About the book:

Jungle Nama is Amitav Ghosh’s verse adaptation of an episode from the legend of Bon Bibi, a tale popular in the villages of the Sundarban, which also lies at the heart of the novel The Hungry Tide. It is the story of the avaricious rich merchant Dhona, the poor lad Dukhey, and his mother; it is also the story of Dokkhin Rai, a mighty spirit who appears to humans as a tiger, of Bon Bibi, the benign goddess of the forest, and her warrior brother Shah Jongoli.

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A audiobook title 'Jungle Nama' released by Amitav Ghosh_60.1

A audiobook title 'Jungle Nama' released by Amitav Ghosh_70.1

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