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A book titled “Ambedkar and Modi” released by former President Ram Nath Kovind

A book titled "Ambedkar and Modi" released by former President Ram Nath Kovind_4.1

Former President Ram Nath Kovind has launched a book titled ‘Ambedkar and Modi: Reformer’s Ideas Performer’s Implementation’. The book, compiled by Bluekraft Digital Foundation, explores the life and works of Dr BR Ambedkar while drawing a parallel with the initiatives and reforms taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to implement the ideals of the social reformer.

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The book features a foreword by music composer and Rajya Sabha member Ilaiyaraaja. It presents a convergence between the ideals of Dr Ambedkar and New India’s development journey. Focus has been laid on infrastructure, education, socio-economic mobility, gender equality, and self-reliance in the twelve chapters of the book.

The essence of the book:

Dr B.R. Ambedkar’s influence has an overarching impact on the making of Modern India. However, his legacy was sidelined and subjected to institutional neglect. The book is a prism that reflects upon the multitude of contributions of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar in the nation-building process. Many of his ideas and interventions continue to define our governance paradigm, especially with PM Narendra Modi at the helm ensuring that his legacy is revived. The book studies the points of intersection of India’s development story under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ideals of Babasaheb. It also highlights the striking parallels between the two towering personalities that succeeded against all odds and worked to dismantle stifling social structures that they themselves experienced from close quarters.

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