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Airtel Payments Bank Unveils A New Way To Pay with Smart Watch

Airtel Payments Bank, in collaboration with Noise and Mastercard, introduces a pioneering solution for contactless payments through the Airtel Payments Bank Smart Watch. This innovative wearable aims to revolutionize digital transactions, offering convenience and accessibility to urban customers.

Smart Watch Features

  • Tap and Pay Convenience: Users can make contactless payments conveniently using the Tap and Pay feature directly from the smart watch.
  • Seamless Activation: Customers with Airtel Payments Bank savings accounts can purchase the smart watch via the Airtel Thanks App. New customers can open an account digitally on the app and order the watch immediately, activating it in just one minute.
  • Transaction Limits: Users can make payments ranging from Rs 1 to Rs 25,000 per day using the Airtel Payments Bank Smart Watch.
  • Design and Functionality: The smart watch features a 1.85-inch square dial for enhanced user experience and supports NFC chip technology powered by the Mastercard network.

Additional Features

  • Customization: Access to 150 cloud-based watch faces allows users to personalize their smart watch experience.
  • Fitness Tracking: Supports 130 different sports modes and features an IP68 water resistance rating for durability.
  • Stress Monitoring: Includes a Stress Monitor feature to help users track and manage stress levels effectively.

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