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Axis Mutual Fund Partners with Enparadigm for AI-Generated Learning Program

Axis Mutual Fund, a prominent asset management firm based in Mumbai, has teamed up with Enparadigm, a leader in AI-driven experiential learning solutions. This collaboration aims to provide tailored learning journeys to enhance the performance and productivity of Axis MF employees across various levels.

Tailored Learning Solutions

  1. Customized Learning Journeys: Enparadigm will create exclusive learning paths tailored to the specific needs of frontline, mid-level, and senior employees of Axis Mutual Fund.
  2. Skill Enhancement: The program will focus on enhancing skills relevant to present and future roles, including personal effectiveness, sales techniques, managerial skills, digital transformation, data analytics, and business acumen.

Implementation of AI Technology

  1. Talent Intelligence Platform: Enparadigm’s talent intelligence platform, powered by immersive and generative AI, will profile skills for different roles within Axis MF.
  2. Personalized Learning: Employees will benefit from personalized experiential and simulation-based learning journeys, ensuring consistency, gamification, and high quality across geographies.

Driving Learning at Scale

  1. Consistent Learning Experience: The initiative aims to provide a consistent learning experience for Axis MF employees, irrespective of geographical locations.
  2. On-Demand Learning: The program facilitates on-demand learning, enabling employees to access learning resources as per their convenience and requirement, thereby driving learning at scale within the organization.

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