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Amit Shah Inaugurates 58th DGsP/IGsP Conference 2023 In Jaipur


Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah inaugurated the 58th DGsP/IGsP Conference 2023 at the Rajasthan International Centre in Jaipur. The three-day conference, held in a hybrid mode, brought together top law enforcement officials physically from Jaipur and over 500 police officers from various ranks participating through video conferencing from across the country.

Honoring Excellence

During the conference, the Union Home Minister distributed Police Medals for Meritorious Service to Intelligence Bureau (IB) officers, recognizing their outstanding contributions. Additionally, trophies were awarded for the three best Police Stations, highlighting and encouraging excellence in police services.

Remembering the Sacrifice

In a solemn moment, Union Home Minister Amit Shah paid homage to the martyrs from the Security Forces who had laid down their lives in the service of the nation. The minister commemorated their supreme sacrifice, acknowledging their role in safeguarding the security and integrity of the country.

Key Developments in 2023

The Union Home Minister shed light on two significant developments in 2023—the formulation of the New Education Policy and the enactment of three new Criminal Laws, replacing archaic British-era laws. He emphasized that these laws aim to focus on the delivery of justice rather than mere punishment, anticipating a transformation in the country’s criminal justice system.

Modernizing Law Enforcement

Highlighting the importance of training and technology, Amit Shah stressed the need for comprehensive training programs from Station House Officer (SHO) to Director General of Police (DGP) level. He underscored the significance of technology upgradation, extending from local police stations (Thana) to Police Headquarters (PHQ), to ensure the successful implementation of the new laws.

Harnessing Technology for Security

The Union Home Minister advocated for the linking of databases and the adoption of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven analytical approach to tackle emerging security challenges effectively. Emphasizing the role of technology in law enforcement, he called for a strategic shift towards modern, scientific methods in dealing with security threats.

Security Gains Since 2014

Amit Shah pointed out an overall improvement in the security scenario in the country since 2014, particularly noting a reduction in violence in critical hotspots such as Jammu & Kashmir, North-East, and areas affected by Left Wing Extremism. The conference, over the years, has evolved into a ‘Think Tank,’ facilitating decision-making and the formulation of new security strategies.

Uniformity for Counter-Terror Mechanisms

The Home Minister stressed the importance of uniformity in the structures, size, and skill sets of counter-terror mechanisms across the country. This uniformity, he emphasized, is crucial in ensuring a cohesive and efficient response to emerging security challenges.

Internal Security and National Development

Amit Shah highlighted the integral role of internal security in realizing Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of India becoming a developed nation by 2047. The conference aimed to deliberate on various security-related issues of critical importance, including the security of borders, cyber-threats, radicalization, fraudulent issuance of identity documents, and threats emerging from AI.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1.Where did Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurate the 58th DGsP/IGsP Conference 2023?

A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Jaipur

2.Who were physically present at the conference in Jaipur?

A. Politicians
B. Law enforcement officials
C. International delegates

3.What was emphasized as crucial for realizing PM Modi’s vision of a developed nation by 2047?

A. Foreign policies
B. Internal security
C. Economic partnerships

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