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Bharat Centre of Olympic Research and Education launched

The Bharat Centre of Olympic Research and Education (BCORE) was inaugurated on June 23, at the Rashtriya Raksha University in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district. Speaking at the inauguration event, Indian Olympic Association president and legendary sprinter PT Usha said the centre will serve as a hub of knowledge, innovation and performance in the Indian sports ecosystem.

About  Bharat Centre of Olympic Research and Education (BCORE):

Bharat Centre of Olympic Research and Education (BCORE) within Rashtriya Raksha University, India, has attained official recognition by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an academic center promoting Olympic values.

  • It now operates within the esteemed Olympic Studies and Research Centers (OSRCs) network, comprising over 70 academic centers globally dedicated to Olympic studies and research. BCORE stands as the sole Olympic academic center in India and the South Asian region.
  • BCORE is committed to promote the Olympism and Olympic Movement in India through multidisciplinary research beyond sports training and performance.
  • The Olympic Panorama research and education program aims to develop and provide a research direction to the scholars and researchers of various disciplines to join the force and produce Olympic related research in their domain.

A historic milestone in RRU’s unwavering commitment

The inauguration of BCORE marks a historic milestone in RRU’s unwavering commitment to Learn, Educate Aspire and Disseminate (LEAD) Olympism through multidisciplinary research, education, and training. This initiative is designed to promote excellence in the Olympics throughout India. It is a proud moment for the nation, as BCORE stands as the first of its kind in India and South Asia, and the 71st Centre in the world. This pioneering research-based center is set to play an instrumental role in the future, especially as India gears up to host the Olympics in 2036.

A beacon of inspiration for the entire region

BCORE’s establishment is not just a significant leap for India but a beacon of inspiration for the entire region. By fostering an ecosystem that encourages the highest levels of athletic performance, the Center aims to support and enhance the capabilities of researchers, academicians, coaches, and Olympic enthusiasts across the country. Its impact is expected to resonate on both national and international platforms, driving a culture of sporting excellence and innovation. In anticipation of the 2036 Olympics, BCORE will be crucial in ensuring maximum participation from India and its neighboring countries. By providing cutting-edge research and training, the Centre will equip athletes with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete at the highest levels. This effort will not only spotlight India’s growing prominence in the global sports arena but also strengthen regional cooperation and participation in the Olympics.

BCORE symbolizes a new era of Olympism in India and South Asia

As a pivotal hub for Olympic research and education, BCORE will drive new standards of excellence, inspire future generations, and contribute significantly to the global Olympic movement. In essence, BCORE symbolizes a new era of Olympism in India and South Asia. It will aspire the generations to look at Olympics with a multi perspective lens catering to the evolving needs of Olympics.

About Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU)

Rashtriya Raksha University, established under the Parliament of India’s Act No. 31 of 2020, is a pioneering institution dedicated to national security and police education. Recognized as an Institution of National Importance by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, its mission is to cultivate a holistic academic-research-training environment. With a focus on professional excellence, the university boasts a cadre of qualified faculty from both civilian and security backgrounds. By fostering intellectual stimulation, disciplined professionalism, and global networking, it aims to address contemporary and future security challenges through education, research, and training. Ultimately, Rashtriya Raksha University aspires to contribute to India’s vision of a peaceful, prosperous, and stable world, fostering cooperation among like-minded nations while enhancing understanding and collaboration among internal security officers, military personnel, diplomats, civil servants, and civilians for the nation’s greater good.

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