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“BRO Cafes” to be established at 75 border areas in 12 states and UTs, Defense Ministry Approved

The Border Roads Organization will build 75 outlets along various route segments in 12 states and union territories under the name “BRO Cafes,” as permitted by the Ministry of Defense. These are designed to offer fundamental comforts and amenities to visitors, increase economic activity in border regions, and create jobs for the local population. The BRO, by virtue of its presence, took it upon itself to open such facilities in remote locations, as the inaccessibility and remoteness of these routes prevent widespread commercial deployments, declared the ministry

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Key Points:

  • The Ministry of Defense has approved setting up wayside amenities at 75 locations in 12 states/Union territories on various sections of roads with the Border Roads Organization (BRO). These amenities will be known as “BRO Cafes.”
  • The BRO has a presence in even the most isolated border regions, and in addition to meeting strategic needs, it has contributed to the socioeconomic development of the northern and eastern borders.
  • The plan calls for the development and management of wayside facilities in public-private partnerships with agencies, under licence, who would plan, construct, and manage the facility in accordance with BRO criteria.
  • The need to create multi-utility wayside amenities along the main tourist circuits in these locations was recognised in order to provide for the safe and comfortable transit of tourists on these highways located in these tough geographical and climatic conditions. 

About the Bro Cafe Proposal:

  • It is proposed to offer amenities including two- and four-wheeler parking, a food court, a restaurant, separate restrooms for men, women, and people with disabilities, first-aid stations, MI rooms, etc.
  • A competitive method would be used to choose licensees. The agreement’s terms would last for 15 years and might be extended once more for a maximum of five years.

Important Takeaways for All Competitive Exams:

  • Defense Minister of India: Shri Rajnath Singh
  • BRO: Border Roads Organization

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"BRO Cafes" to be established at 75 border areas in 12 states and UTs, Defense Ministry Approved_4.1Shanan Dhaka secured 1st rank to the First Women's NDA Batch_90.1

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