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BSE Technologies launched of KYC Registration Agency

BSE Technologies announced the launch of the KYC Registration Agency KRA, which maintains KYC records of investors in an electronic form. BSE Technologies is a subsidiary of BSE. KRA is a Sebi-regulated intermediary that grants the marker participants authorization for investors’ Know Your Client. KYC is Mando for investment in the securities market.

Key Points related to KYV Registration Agency KRA

  • KYC KRA has become a key segment for securities market investors and acts as a starting point for any investor’s journey in the security market.
  • BSE group has played a pioneering role in transforming the Indian capital market.
  • Sebi issued fresh guidelines for KRA in April, whereby such agencies will have to independently validate the KYC records of all clients from 1st July.
  • The guidelines inform that KRAs need to independently validate records of those clients whose KYC has been completed using Aadhaar as an Official Valid Document (OVD).
  • The records of those clients who have completed KYC using non-Aadhar OVD will be validated only upon receiving the Aadhar number.


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