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CCRYN in Collaboration with Svyasa Organizes Conference on “Yoga for Space” in Bengaluru

The Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), in collaboration with Svyasa, Deemed to be University, organized a Conference on “Yoga for Space” at S-Vyasa University, Bengaluru, in observance of International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2024 with the theme “Yoga for Self & Society.” This conference brought together experts from various fields to enhance societal health, including astronauts, by exploring the benefits of yoga in extreme conditions and space environments.

Keynote Addresses and Inaugural Session

The conference commenced with a prayer and proceeded with keynote addresses from representatives of Indian institutions such as the Human Space Flight Centre, ISRO, IIT Delhi, and the Institute for Aerospace Medicine. Dr. Manjunath NK, Vice Chancellor of Svyasa University, highlighted the significance of yoga in fostering a healthy society, citing classic literature and discussing the journey of S-Vyasa’s founder, Dr. H.R. Nagendra. Dr. Raghavendra Rao, Director of CCRYN, emphasized the inclusivity and diversity of IDY, showcasing yoga practices in various extreme conditions.

Scientific Sessions and Discussions

The scientific session began with a presentation on “Gaganyaan – Mission and Crew Safety” by Dr. C Geethaikrishnan of ISRO, under the chairmanship of Dr. Satyaprabha TN from NIMHANS. This was followed by a discussion on space research by Dr. KK Deepak from IIT Delhi, who explored the topic “Yoga for Astronauts: How, Why, and What?”. Post-lunch sessions included Dr. Biswajit Sinha’s insights on “Beyond Earth: Understanding Microgravity’s Influence on Physiology” and Lt. Col. (Dr.) Saveena George’s presentation on “Exploring the Effects of Microgravity on the Neurovestibular System.”

Insights on Physiological Effects and Personal Experiences

Dr. Apar Soaji, Principal of TSYNM, S-vyasa, conducted an informative session on the “Physiological Effects of Yoga,” emphasizing self-care practices vital for space exploration. Shri. N. V Raghuram, Founder of Yoga Bharati, shared personal insights based on the experiences of Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma, noting that yoga made Sharma “fearless and more adaptable than any other astronaut in his team.”

Valedictory Function and Future Research

The valedictory function featured esteemed guests, including Dr. Nagarathna, with a vote of thanks by Dr. Vadairaja HS, Senior Research Officer of CCRYN. The conference anticipates fruitful research outcomes through various research programs and collaborations.

Broader Initiatives and Upcoming IDY Celebrations

The Ministry of AYUSH announced initiatives such as the “Yoga with Family” global video contest, YogaTech Challenges for innovative yoga ideas by Indian Startups, Yoga Quiz, and Yoga Jingles, aiming to raise societal awareness and promote vigorous yoga practice. This year’s IDY celebrations will be held in Srinagar, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading the events. ISRO will also organize ‘Yoga for Space’ for its scientists and officials, marking IDY 2024.

Yoga for Space : Key points

Event Collaboration: Organized by CCRYN and Svyasa University in Bengaluru.

Occasion: Part of the 10th International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2024, themed “Yoga for Self & Society.”

Objective: To explore and promote the benefits of yoga for astronauts and space missions, highlighting its role in enhancing physical and mental health in extreme conditions.

Keynote Speakers: Included representatives from ISRO, IIT Delhi, and the Institute for Aerospace Medicine.


Inaugural Session: Addressed by Dr. Manjunath NK and Dr. Raghavendra Rao, focusing on the societal benefits of yoga.

Scientific Discussions

  • “Gaganyaan – Mission and Crew Safety” by Dr. C Geethaikrishnan.
  • “Yoga for Astronauts: How, Why, and What?” by Dr. KK Deepak.
  • “Understanding Microgravity’s Influence on Physiology” by Dr. Biswajit Sinha.
  • “Effects of Microgravity on the Neurovestibular System” by Lt. Col. (Dr.) Saveena George.

Personal Insights: Shared by Shri N. V Raghuram, highlighting Rakesh Sharma’s experiences with yoga in space.

Outcomes: Expected to lead to research programs and collaborations enhancing astronaut health and well-being.

Broader Initiatives: Included contests and challenges to promote yoga, aiming to create a healthy society through widespread practice.

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