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Dharmendra Pradhan Launched EdCIL Vidyanjali Scholarship Programme

The Education Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, recently started the EdCIL Vidyanjali Scholarship Programme. This new program is all about making it easier for students who don’t have much money to get a good education. It follows the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020’s goals to make education available to everyone.

Helping Students Reach Their Dreams

The program celebrates the success of students from Navodaya Vidyalayas who got into top engineering and technology colleges without extra tutoring. Many of these students come from poor backgrounds. The scholarship will help 70 students with a total of Rs 5 crore. The minister thanked businesses and organizations for their support, saying their help makes a big difference for students who need it.

Support from Everyone

K Sanjay Murthy, the Higher Education Secretary, talked about how this initiative fits with the NEP2020’s aim to get more people and companies to help out in education. He was happy about how sponsorships have already helped many students get into prestigious schools.

Sanjay Kumar, who works with School Education, mentioned how well students from Navodaya Vidyalayas do in school exams and that most of them come from less wealthy families in rural areas.

What’s New

At the event, they showed a film about the scholarship and launched a new digital platform for it. This platform will make applying for and getting scholarships easier for students all over the country.

In Simple Terms

The EdCIL Vidyanjali Scholarship Programme is a big step towards making sure all students, no matter their background, can dream big and achieve those dreams through education. It’s about making sure everyone gets the chance to learn and succeed.

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