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What is the Dimension of the Hockey Field?

Field hockey is a sport with precise regulations for the dimensions of the field and goalposts. Understanding these dimensions is crucial for both players and organizers to ensure the game is played fairly and within the guidelines set by the International Hockey Federation. This article covers the essential size dimensions of a field hockey.

Overview of Field Hockey

Field hockey is a team sport belonging to the hockey family. Each team consists of 11 players, including one goalkeeper. The main objective is to carry the round plastic ball from your field to the opponent’s goal using hockey sticks. These sticks can be made of wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass in varying quantities.

Key Dimensions of a Hockey Pitch

Size of the Hockey Pitch

A traditional hockey pitch measures 100 yards (91.4 meters) in length and 60 yards (55 meters) in width. This standard size ensures consistency in gameplay across different fields.

The Goal

The goal in field hockey stands 7 feet tall (2.14 meters) and 12 feet wide (3.66 meters). This goal size is smaller compared to some other sports, requiring precision and skill from players to score.

Penalty Spot

The penalty spot, similar to the one in football, is the point from which penalty strikes are taken. It is positioned 7 yards (6.4 meters) from the goalmouth, offering a direct shot at the goal.

Key Areas on the Hockey Pitch

Striking Circle

Also known as the shooting circle, goal circle, or simply the ‘D,’ the striking circle is a ‘D’-shaped area measuring 16 yards out from the goal post. To score a goal, an attacking player must be within this area when striking the ball.

Back Line

The back line marks the lengthwise end of the hockey pitch, running parallel to the goal line. It measures 60 yards in length and plays a critical role in defining the boundaries of play.

Half-Way Line

The half-way line divides the hockey field into two equal halves. It serves as the starting point for the game and for restarts after goals are scored.

The 25-Yard Line

This line is located 25 yards (22 meters) from the goal in each attacking portion of the pitch. Intentional infringements within this area can result in the award of a penalty corner, making it a significant strategic zone.

Surface Consideration for Hockey Pitch

While hockey has traditionally been played on grass, astroturf pitches are now more common due to their consistent and smooth surface. Astroturf allows for faster ball movement and can be used in various weather conditions. Before top competition games, the astroturf surface is usually watered to enhance playability.

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