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Geeta Batra’s Historic Appointment to the World Bank’s GEF

Geeta Batra, a distinguished Indian economist, has been appointed as the Director of the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility (GEF). This appointment marks a significant milestone, as Batra becomes the first woman from a developing country to assume this prestigious role.

Background and Career

At 57, Geeta Batra brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new position. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Chief Evaluator & Deputy Director for Evaluation at the GEF’s IEO. Her career has been characterized by a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and development, with a focus on leveraging evaluation as a tool for improving the efficacy of environmental initiatives.

The Appointment Process

Batra’s selection for the directorship was the outcome of a unanimous recommendation at the 66th GEF Council Meeting, which convened in Washington on February 9. The announcement, made last week, was met with widespread acclaim, highlighting the international community’s support for her leadership capabilities and vision.

Significance of the Appointment

Batra’s appointment is not just a personal achievement but also a moment of pride for developing nations. It underscores the increasing recognition of the role of women in leadership within global institutions and signals a progressive shift towards more inclusive and diverse representation.

The Role Ahead

As the Director of the IEO at the GEF, Batra will play a crucial role in shaping the direction of global environmental policies and projects. Her responsibilities will include overseeing the evaluation of the GEF’s projects and programs, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of effectiveness and sustainability. With her at the helm, the IEO is expected to further its mission of promoting environmental health and sustainability through rigorous evaluation and strategic guidance.

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