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Gujarat to host 69th edition of Filmfare Awards in 2024

Gujarat will host the 69th edition of Filmfare Awards in 2024, and a MoU has signed between state government’s tourism cooperation and Worldwide Media (WWM) to host the event and promote the state as a film destination.

What’s in News?

The state government’s tourism cooperation of Gujarat has signed a MoU with the entertainment and lifestyle content company Worldwide Media (WWM) on 19th July to host the 69th edition of Filmfare Awards in 2024.

Filmfare Awards 2024:


Hosting the prestigious Filmfare Awards in Gujarat would be a significant opportunity for the state to gain widespread recognition and boost its economy through increased tourism and investments in the film industry. The event’s allure would attract numerous celebrities, filmmakers and industry professionals, leading to a surge in visitors, benefiting various sectors and promoting Gujarat as a prime film destination.


Filmfare Awards being hosted in Gujarat would have a profound impact on the local economy. With the influx of visitors, there would be surge in tourism, resulting in increased hotel bookings, dining, transportation and overall spending in the state. The event would present Gujarat as an attractive filming location, enticing filmmakers to consider it for their future projects, leading to more investments and film production in the state.


  • Hosting the Filmfare Awards in Gujarat would generate employment opportunities, providing a much-needed boost to workforce.
  • The extensive media coverage of the Filmfare Awards, including television, print and digital platforms would give Gujarat widespread visibility and promote tourism.
  • This will foster creativity and growth in the local film industry.
  • To accommodate such a prestigious event, the state and the local authorities would invest in improving infrastructure
  • Filmmakers and production houses from around the world may be inspired to use Gujarat’s location, boosting cinematic tourism in the state which will bring further economic benefits.

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