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ICICI Lombard Introduces ‘Elevate’: Revolutionizing Health Insurance with AI

ICICI Lombard, a leading private general insurer in India, has launched ‘Elevate’, a pioneering health insurance product integrating AI technology. This innovative offering is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern lifestyles and unforeseen medical emergencies, emphasizing personalized solutions and comprehensive coverage.

Key Features of ‘Elevate’

Infinite Sum Insured

Ensures policyholders never face limitations on coverage.

Infinite Claim Amount

Offers unlimited financial protection for a single claim during the policy’s lifetime.

Power Booster Add-on

Provides a 100% cumulative annual bonus regardless of claims made.

Reset Benefit

Allows unlimited resets of coverage, ensuring continuous protection.

Infinite Assurance

Offers immediate benefits for pre-existing conditions after 30 days, challenging industry norms.

Personalized Coverage with AI

‘Elevate’ uses AI to interpret customer inputs, recommending optimal coverage tailored to individual needs. It includes 15 built-in covers and options for personalization, covering critical illnesses, accidents, maternity, travel benefits, and more.

Commitment to Innovation

ICICI Lombard’s commitment to customer-centric innovation is evident in ‘Elevate’, setting new standards in health insurance. The company’s digital transformation, including cloud-based operations and innovative apps like IL TakeCare, underscores its leadership in the insurance sector.

About ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard, with over two decades of legacy, offers a wide range of insurance products through multiple channels. It has issued millions of policies, processed numerous claims, and achieved significant financial milestones, demonstrating a strong focus on customer satisfaction and technological advancement.

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