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Iconic ‘dum pukht’ chef Imtiaz Qureshi Passes Away at 93

Chef Imtiaz Qureshi, who passed away at the age of 93. The Padma Shri awardee, often hailed as a “culinary genius,” was instrumental in bringing the ancient dum pukht cooking technique back to the forefront of Indian cuisine. His legacy, embodied in the iconic dishes served at luxury dining destinations like Bukhara at ITC Hotels, leaves an indelible mark on the fabric of Indian gastronomy.

A Culinary Legacy Etched in Tradition

Born into the rich culinary traditions of Lucknow, Chef Qureshi’s journey in the kitchen began at a young age, honing his skills under the tutelage of his elders. Dum pukht, a slow-cooking method that originated in the royal kitchens of Awadh, became his signature style. This technique involves cooking ingredients in a sealed pot (or ‘handi’), allowing the meats to cook in their own juices and spices to infuse deeply, creating flavors that are both delicate and profound.

Mastermind Behind Bukhara

The name Imtiaz Qureshi became synonymous with Bukhara, the flagship restaurant of ITC Hotels, where he showcased his mastery over dum pukht cuisine. Under his guidance, Bukhara emerged as a culinary destination, not just in India but globally, drawing food connoisseurs from all corners to experience its famed dishes like the Dal Bukhara and Sikandari Raan. His contributions extended beyond the kitchen, influencing the design and ambience of the establishments he worked with, to reflect the grandeur and elegance of India’s culinary heritage.


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