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Inauguration of Indian Air Force Weapon Systems School

The Indian Air Force (IAF) Chief, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari, inaugurated the Weapon Systems School (WSS) in Hyderabad, marking a significant advancement for the IAF. Established to recalibrate and transform the IAF into a future-oriented force, the WSS aims to provide contemporary, effect-based training to officers of the newly formed Weapon Systems (WS) branch. This initiative integrates ground-based and specialist weapon system operators under one umbrella, enhancing the IAF’s war-fighting capabilities.

Formation and Objectives

The WSS is a pivotal step following the creation of the WS branch in 2022, which includes four specialized streams: flying, remote, mission commanders, and intelligence. It will train officers to operate a wide array of airborne and ground-based weapon systems crucial for modern air warfare.

Leadership and Vision

Air Vice Marshal Premkumar Krishnaswamy serves as the inaugural Commandant of the WSS, overseeing its development into a premier center for weapon systems training in India. The inauguration ceremony was attended by senior IAF officials, emphasizing the school’s strategic importance in national defense.

Future Prospects

With the first batch of WS officer cadets currently undergoing specialized training, the WSS is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future leaders of the IAF’s weapon systems operations. The school aims to deliver decisive air power through rigorous and innovative training methodologies.

Indian Air Force (IAF) : Key Points

Formation: Established on October 8, 1932, as an auxiliary air force of the British Empire.

Role: Primary responsibility is to secure Indian airspace and conduct aerial warfare during conflicts.

Chief: Currently led by Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari.

Headquarters: Located in New Delhi, India.

Branches: Includes flying branch (pilots), technical branches (engineering and maintenance), ground duty branches (administration, logistics, accounts, education), and meteorology branch.

Modernization: Actively modernizing with acquisitions of advanced fighter jets, transport aircraft, and helicopters.

Operations: Involved in humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and international peacekeeping missions.

Training: Conducts training at various air force academies and specialized schools across India.

Motto: “Touch the Sky with Glory”.

Achievements: Participated in major conflicts including World War II, Indo-Pakistani wars, and Kargil War, demonstrating prowess and capability in air combat.

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