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India and Brazil Conduct Inaugural ‘2+2’ Dialogue

India and Brazil recently held their inaugural ‘2+2’ defence and foreign ministerial dialogue, marking a significant milestone in their bilateral relations. The talks aimed to deepen cooperation across various sectors, emphasizing energy, critical minerals, technology, and counter-terrorism.

Key Areas of Discussion

1. Cooperation Expansion:

  • Deliberations focused on expanding cooperation in critical sectors such as energy, technology, and counter-terrorism.

2. Strategic Dialogue Format:

  • The ‘2+2’ format involved the participation of defence and foreign ministers along with their respective counterparts, highlighting strategic and security-related concerns.

3. Dialogue Participants:

  • The Indian delegation, led by officials from the external affairs ministry and defence ministry, engaged with their Brazilian counterparts.
  • The Brazilian delegation, headed by Director Marcelo Camara and Rear Admiral Fernando de Luca Marques de Oliviera, actively participated in the discussions.

4. Topics Covered:

  • Discussions encompassed a wide array of subjects crucial for bilateral cooperation, including energy security, critical minerals sourcing, technological collaboration, and joint efforts in combating terrorism.

5. Location and Leadership:

  • The dialogue took place in Delhi, underscoring India’s commitment to fostering closer ties with Brazil.
  • Co-chaired by G V Srinivas from the external affairs ministry and Vishwesh Negi from the defence ministry, the meeting highlighted the shared commitment of both nations towards enhancing bilateral relations.

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