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India emerges as largest producer of sugar in world

India has emerged as the largest producer and consumer of sugar in the world and the second largest exporter. During the sugar season in India, over 5,000 lakh metric tons (LMT) of sugarcane was produced out of which about 3,574 LMT was crushed by Sugar Mills to produce about 349 LMT of Sugar. 35 LMT of Sugar is diverted to ethanol production and 359 LMT of sugar was produced in sugar mills.

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Key Points related to India as the largest producer of Sugar

  • During this season all records of sugarcane production, sugar production, sugar export, came to produce, cane dues paid and ethanol production were made.
  • In 2020-21, India made records with the highest exports of about 109.8 LMT with no financial assistance.
  • The sugar exports from India earned foreign currency of about Rs 40,000 crore for the country.
  • This achievement of the sugar industry was possible with the help of the Central and State Governments, Farmers, Sugar Mills, etc.
  • During the Sugar season, Sugar mills produced sugarcane worth more than Rs 1.18 lakh crore and released a payment of more than Rs 1.12 crore with no financial assistance.

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India emerges as largest producer of sugar in world_4.1

India emerges as largest producer of sugar in world_5.1

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