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Indian Navy Gets Its Own Headquarters Named ‘Nausena Bhawan’

Nausena Bhawan Inaugurated

The Indian Navy has finally got its own dedicated headquarters building. The newly constructed Nausena Bhawan located at Delhi Cantonment was formally inaugurated by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on March 15th, 2024.

Nausena Bhawan Significance

  • This marks a significant milestone for the Indian Navy.
  • It establishes the Navy’s first independent headquarters in Delhi.
  • Previously, the Navy operated from 13 different locations, making it difficult to coordinate.

Nausena Bhawan Building Design

  • The architectural design of Nausena Bhawan was selected through an all-India competition.
  • It ensures the building’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • The building has three wings across four stories.
  • It incorporates innovative construction technologies for efficiency and sustainability.

Nausena Bhawan Energy and Water Conservation

  • Efforts towards energy and water conservation are evident throughout the complex.
  • It has the integration of solar generation systems and advanced building materials.

Nausena Bhawan Facilities

  • Internally, Nausena Bhawan has a comfortable and congenial atmosphere.
  • It has a central heating, ventilation and air conditioning system using advanced oxidation plasma technology.
  • The complex is equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated building management system.
  • This ensures efficient coordination and monitoring of security services and utility systems.

Nausena Bhawan Green Rating and Security

The building has achieved Green Rating IV under the integrated habitability assessment. It features a comprehensive three-tier security system, including:

  • Automatic underbelly scanning of vehicles
  • Power fence
  • Face recognition cameras
  • Bollards
  • Vehicle stoppers
  • Access control
  • Security cameras

The inauguration of Nausena Bhawan marks a significant milestone for the Indian Navy, providing it with a dedicated and modern headquarters to enhance its operational efficiency and coordination.

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