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International Daughter’s Day 2022: 25 September

International Daughter's Day 2022: 25 September_50.1

International Daughter’s Day is observed every year on the fourth Sunday of September. This year, the day is being celebrated on September 25. This day is celebrated to cherish our daughters who bring love and happiness to our lives. To mark this day, people across the globe celebrate by spending some quality time with their daughters and doing something special for them. Organizations and governments also strive to close the gender gap and provide society with equal opportunity. As the special day is here, let’s take a look at these wishes, quotes, and greetings to share.

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International Daughters’ Day: Significance

Organizations and governments strive to close the gender gap and provide society with equal opportunity. The special day is acknowledged as a recognized remedy to some historical wrongs toward daughters while also attempting to commemorate the female child. The holiday acknowledges that daughters can impact the world just as much as sons can. It acknowledges girls as partners on an equal footing in society and the family system.

International Daughters’ Day: History

Although there is no actual origin of how this day came into existence, in most countries including India, the girl child has been perceived as a liability, and traditionally a boy is preferred by the families. Issues like dowry, female infanticide, and foeticide even exist to date. Therefore, a day designated to them was introduced to burst the stigma and tackle crimes against the girl child.

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International Daughter's Day 2022: 25 September_60.1International Daughter's Day 2022: 25 September_70.1

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