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Largest, Longest, Tallest and Biggest Things in the World Till 2023

In 2023, our world remains a realm of extraordinary marvels and exceptional accomplishments. Various records, spanning the largest, longest, tallest and biggest categories, continue to captivate and motivate. From towering man-made structures to expansive natural wonders, let’s explore the incredible feats that have been achieved up to this year.

List of largest, longest, tallest and biggest things in the world till 2023

Here is the complete list of all largest, longest, tallest and biggest things in the world 2023:

Tallest Animal (on land) Giraffe
Biggest Bell Tsar Bell, Moscow
Fastest Bird Peregrine Falcon
Largest Bird Ostrich
Longest Bridge (Railway) Dan Yang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, Beijing (China)
Tallest Building Burj Khalifa, Dubai (U.A.E.)
Tallest Residential Building 432, Park Avenue, New York (US)
Biggest Cinema House Roxy (New York)
Highest City Wen Zhuan (Tibet, China)
Largest City (in population) Tokyo
Biggest City (in area) New York
Largest Continent Asia
Largest Country (in population) India
Largest Country (in area) Russia
Largest Coral Formation The Great Barrier Reef
Largest Dam The Three Georges Dam
Longest Day 21st June
Largest Delta Sundarban Delta, India
Largest Desert Sahara Desert
Longest Epic The Mahabharata
Largest Diamond The Cullinan
Largest Island Greendland
Largest Artificial Lake Lake Volta
Deepest Lake Baikal
Highest Lake Titicaca
Largest Freshwater Lake Lake Superior
Largest Saltwater Lake Caspian Sea
Largest Mosque Masjid-al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Biggest Library National Kiev Library, Moscow and Library of the Congress
Highest Mountain Peak Mt. Everest
Highest Mountain Range Himalayas
Longest Mountain Range Andes
Biggest Museum Louvre
Tallest Minaret (Freestanding) Qutub Minar
Deepest and Biggest Ocean The Pacific Ocean
Largest Palace Imperial Palace
Largest Park Northeast Greenland National Park
Largest Peninsula Arabia
Coldest Place or Region Vostok
Driest Place Atacama Desert
Largest Planet Neptune
Nearest Planet Mercury
Highest Plateau Pamir
Longest Platform Gorakhpur
Largest Platform Grand Central Terminal
Largest Port Port of Shanghai
Busiest Port Port of Shanghai
Longest Railway Trans-Siberian Railway
Longest River Nile River
Longest River Dam Hirakund Dam
Largest Sea-Bird Albatross
Largest Sea (inland) Caspian Sea
Tallest Statue Bronze Statue of Lord Buddha
Tallest Tower Burj Khalifa
Longest and Deepest Rail Tunnel Gotthard Tunnel
Longest and Largest Canal Tunnel Le Rove Tunnel
Longest Tunnel(Road) Laerdal Tunnel
Highest Volcano Ojos del Salado
Largest Volcano Mauna Loa
Longest wall Great Wall Of China
Highest Waterfall Salto Angel Fall
Longest Strait Straight Of Malacca
Broadest Of Strait Davis Strait
Narrowest Strait Chaliks
Largest Gulf Gulf of Mexico
Largest Archipelago Malay Archipelago
Tallest Active Geyser Steamboat Geyser
Largest River Basin Amazon Basin
World Rainiest Spot Mawsynram
Lightest Gas Hydrogen
Lightest Metal Lithium
Highest Melting Point Tungsten
Hardest Substance (synthetic) Wurtzite Boron Nitride
Hardest Substance (come from meteorites) Lonsdaleite
Hardest Natural Substance(found on earth) Diamond
Largest Diamond producing mine Orapa
Longest Animal Blue Whale
Longest Life-span of  an Animal 190 to 200 years
Largest Land Animal African Bush Animal
Fastest Animal Cheetah
Longest Jump Animal Kangaroo
Longest Wing spread bird Sooty Albatross
Fastest Dog Persian Grey Hound
Longest Poisonous Snake King Cobra
Biggest Flower Rafflesia arnoldi
Largest Church Basilica of St. Peter, Vatican City, Rome
Largest Temple Angkor Wat
Largest River in Volume Amazon River
Longest Corridor Ramanathaswamy Temple’s Corridor
Highest Straight Dam Bhakhra Dam
Highest Capital City La Paz
Largest Asian desert Gobi Desert
Largest Democracy India
Largest Neck Animal Giraffe
Largest Animal of the Cat Family Lion
Most Intelligent Animal Chimpanzee

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