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World’s Longest River, List Of Top 10 Rivers in The World

Longest Rivers in the World

Rivers are natural flowing streams of water that travel across the land, often starting from mountains or springs and ending in oceans, lakes or other rivers. They provide water for drinking, farming and animals. People use rivers for transportation and they are home to diverse plants and creatures. Rivers shape landscapes and have been important throughout history, supporting civilizations and ecosystems.

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When attempting to determine the world’s longest river, there are a few crucial elements to consider:

  1. The origin of the river (the point/source where the river starts)
  2. The river mouth (the point at which the river ejects and the sea/ocean/estuary begins)

With an overview of 10 of the world’s longest and largest rivers, their country of origin, and length, the demography of the country also needs to be understood.

Longest Rivers in the World by Length

A Nile River is considered to be the world’s longest river with a total of 6650 km, followed by Amazon (6575 km), Yangtze (6300 km) and Mississippi (6275km).

The Top Ten Longest Rivers of the world according to their length in Kms:

River Location Length (in km) Length (in miles) Drainage Area Mouth
Nile Africa 6650 4130 32,54,55 Mediterranean Sea
Amazon South America 6575 4086 70,50,000 Atlantic Ocean
Yangtze China 6300 3917 18,00,000 South China Sea
Mississippi USA 6275 3902 29,80,000 Gulf of Maxico
Yenisei River Russia 5539 3445 25,80,000 Kara Sea
Yellow China 5464 3398 7,45,000 Bohai Sea
Ob-Irtysh Russia 5410 3364 29,90,000 Gulf of Ob
Parana Uruguay 4880 3030 25,82,672 Rio da la Plata
Congo Africa 4700 2922 26,80,000 Atlantic Ocean
Amur Asia 4480 2800 18,55,000 Sea of Okhotsk


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Longest Rivers in the World- Facts

Check the detailed description of Top 10 Longest River in the world.

1. Nile River- (length- 6650 Km)

The Nile River is thought to be the world’s longest river. The Nile River stretches about 6650 kilometers. The river’s source is thought to be Lake Victoria. Egypt, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Burundi, Sudan, and South Sudan are all part of the river’s path. The river’s two tributaries are the Blue and White Niles. Although the Nile River is the longest river in the world for most of us, there is a group of scholars who believe the Amazon River is the genuine winner. Large rivers, such as the Nile and the Amazon, have a plethora of sources as well as several large and tiny tributaries. If the true length of a river must be calculated, it is necessary to locate its farthest source. Such sources are frequently found in remote and inaccessible regions, making their detection a difficult undertaking.

2. The Amazon River- (length- 6575 Km)

The Amazon River is without a doubt the world’s greatest river in terms of water flow volume. However, its claim to being the world’s second-longest river is hotly debated, as the distinction has long been held by Egypt’s Nile River. The conflict stems from the determination of the Amazon’s genesis. According to a study published in 2014, the Cordillera Rumi Cruz is where the Amazon began.

3. The Yangtze River- (length-6300 Km)

The Yangtze River is the world’s third-longest river and the world’s longest river that runs fully within a single country. It is also Asia’s longest river. One-third of the population of the world’s most populous country, China, lives in the Yangtze River basin. The Tuotuo tributary in the Tanggula Mountains is traditionally regarded as the river’s source by the Chinese government. However, according to fresh information, the Yangtze River’s source is on Jari Hill, where the Dam Qu tributary’s headwaters originate. These and other tributaries combine to form the Yangtze River, which empties into the East China Sea in Shanghai.

4. The Mississippi River- (length- 6275Km)

The Mississippi, Missouri, and Jefferson rivers make up the world’s fourth longest river system. The river system drains 31 states in the United States and two provinces in Canada. The Mississippi River originates in northern Minnesota, where Lake Itasca is thought to be its source, then flows into the Gulf of Mexico. When we consider the Jefferson River as the Mississippi River’s farthest source, we obtain the Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson river system.

5. The Yenisei River- (length-5539 Km)

This is the world’s fifth-longest river system, and the Arctic Ocean’s largest. The Selenge River is considered the river system’s headwaters. The Selenge River flows into Lake Baikal and is 992 kilometres long. The Angara River begins near Listvyanka in Lake Baikal and flows through Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast before joining the Yenisei River near Strelka. Finally, the Yenisei empties into the Arctic Ocean. The total distance travelled was 5,539 kilometers.

6. The Yellow River- (length- 5464 Km)

This gigantic river, also known as the Huang He, is named after its colour, which is the result of massive volumes of loose debris in the water. Its basin is regarded as the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilisation, and it continues to possess significant symbolic and practical significance for the country.

7. The Ob-Irtysh River- (length- 5410 Km)

Along with the Yenisei and the Lena, the Ob-Irtysh, often known as the Ob River, is one of the three main Siberian rivers. It runs into the Arctic Ocean and originates in the Altas Mountains.

8. The Parana River- (length- 4880 Km)

The Parana River, located in South America, is one of the world’s longest rivers and the continent’s second-largest. Its name is a contraction of the Tupi phrase para rehe onáva, which means “like the sea.”

9. The Congo River- (length- 4700 Km)

The Congo River, formerly known as the Zaire River, flows in a curved path across Africa’s continent and is the only river to cross the equator twice. It’s also the world’s deepest river, with some sections reaching depths of over 700 feet.

10. The Amur River- (length- 4480 Km)

The Amur River, also known as the Heilong Jiang, is the world’s tenth longest river, running along the boundary between northeastern China and Russia. The Chinese Heilong Jiang translates to “black dragon river,” whereas the word Amur is supposed to come from a term for “water.”


Which is the largest river of world?

Nile River- 6650 Kms. The Nile River is considered the longest river in the world.

Which is longer the Nile or Amazon?

The Encyclopedia Britannica gives the length of the Nile as 6,650 kilometers (4,132 miles), to 6,400 kilometers (3,977 miles) for the Amazon, measuring the latter from the headwaters of the Apurimac River in southern Peru.

Which is largest river in Asia?

Yangtze river is the largest river in Asia.

What is the significance of Amazon River?

The Amazon River is the largest river in the world in terms of water flow volume. It runs through South America and has an extensive drainage basin. While it’s sometimes debated whether it’s the world’s second-largest river due to differing definitions of its source, its colossal size and diverse ecosystem make it a critical part of the planet’s water systems.

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