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Mukaab Indoor Super-City is Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega-Project in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince unveiled The Mukaab, which is a 400-meter-high, wide, and long long indoor supercity in the center of Riyadh. The Mukaab, the super city, will be large enough to hold 20 empire state buildings and it is aimed that the PIF-backed giga-project will become a new global icon of technology, sustainability, mobility, and Saudi Innovation.

The Mukaab will be in the center of the Wider New Murabba Development created by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prime Minister and Chairman of the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC) to bring the project to fruition.

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Mukaab Indoor Super-City is Saudi Arabia’s Next Mega-Project in Riyadh- Key Features

  • The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia has announced the project Mukaab which is aimed to be the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh.
  • The Mukaab, is a cube-like city that will form the centerpiece of a new downtown area in Riyadh.
  • The establishment of Mukaab aims to transform a 19-square-kilometer area to the northwest of Riyadh into a new gen mixed-use district.
  • The building of Mukaab is based on the modern Najdi architectural styles, however, with a more futuristic approach.
  • The development team of Mukaab confirms that the super city will offer ever-changing environments using digital and virtual technology to create holographic displays.

Aim of the project Mukaab and Structure

The Mukaab, the super city, is based on the Najdi architecture with more futuristic approach. The building will enclose a tower on top of a spiral base. The structure will feature two million square meters of floor space that will be a hospitality destination with retail, cultural, and tourist attractions, featuring residential and hotel units, commercial space, and recreational facilities.

The Mukaab, a new Murabba project will feature 1,04,000 residential units, 9000 hotel rooms, 9,80,000 square meters of retail space, and 1.4 million square meters of office space. It will also include a green area and walking paths to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mukaab Facilities and Access

The residents of New Murabba will be provided with access to living, working, and entertainment spaces within a 15-minute walking radius. The Mukaad will be 20 minutes’ drive away from the airport. The developers informed that the project would create more than 340,000 jobs and the Mukaab project is scheduled to be completed by 2030.

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