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Odisha Farmer’s Solar Car Gets Thumbs-Up Online

An Odisha farmer gained attention of people on social media by generating electric four-wheeler that runs on a solar powered battery.

Sushil Aggarwal from Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district had built a four-wheeler powered by an 850 Watts motor and 100 Ah/54 Volts of battery.

After fully charged the vehicle can travel up to 300 km. He told that he had built this car inside a workshop at his home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

He told that the solar-powered battery took around 8 and a half hours to be fully charged. He further stated that “It is a slow charging battery. Such batteries have a long life, it will last 10 years.”

All the work on his vehicle including motor winding, electrical fitting and chassis work were done in my workshop with the help of two other mechanics and a friend who advised me on electric works,” he added.

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What are solar cars?

They are powered by electricity through the use of solar energy. Sun’s energy is directly converted into electrical energy by the Photovoltaic (PV) cells.

Benefits are:

– Fossil fuel will be used in less.

– Solar energy is free.

– It does not cause pollution

– It will never run out, etc.

Some limitations are:

– You will get solar power during the day and less on cloudy days.

– It has been seen that solar equipments are expensive.

– To store solar energy, expensive batteries are needed for cars to be able to run in night, etc.

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