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PM Modi launches ‘Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana’ for One Crore Households

In a significant move towards sustainable energy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the ‘Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana,’ targeting the installation of rooftop solar panels on one crore households. The announcement was made on the auspicious occasion of the consecration of life in Ayodhya, reflecting the government’s commitment to fostering self-reliance in energy.

Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana: Key Highlights

1. Aatmanirbhar Energy for Every Household: PM Modi emphasized the importance of harnessing solar power to empower households economically and reduce electricity bills. The scheme aims to make India self-reliant in energy by promoting rooftop solar installations.

2. Goal of Pradhanmantri Suryodaya Yojana: The initiative focuses on providing electricity to low and middle-income individuals through solar rooftop installations. Additionally, households can generate surplus electricity, contributing to additional income.

3. National Campaign for Rooftop Solar Adoption: The Prime Minister directed the initiation of a nationwide campaign to encourage residential consumers to adopt rooftop solar systems on a large scale. This push aims to raise awareness and promote widespread adoption.

4. Financial Assistance under National Rooftop Solar Scheme: The government’s existing National Rooftop Solar Scheme, providing 40% financial assistance for the capital cost of solar rooftop projects, complements the newly announced initiative.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. What is the name of the solar scheme announced by PM Modi for one crore households?
a) Pradhan Mantri Bijli Yojana
b) Surya Shakti Scheme
c) Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana
d) Solar Empowerment Mission

2. On which occasion did PM Modi announce the Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana?
a) Independence Day
b) Republic Day
c) Consecration of life in Ayodhya
d) Diwali Celebration

3. What percentage of financial assistance is provided under the National Rooftop Solar Scheme for capital costs?
a) 20%
b) 30%
c) 40%
d) 50%

Kindly share your responses in the comment section!!


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