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PM Narendra Modi addresses UN World Geospatial International Congress

Addressing the Second United Nations World Geospatial International Congress via video message, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that steps taken by India over the past few years has been of empowering the “last person at the last mile’’, reflecting the theme of this year’s conference — ‘Geo-Enabling the Global Village: No one should be left behind’.

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What The PM Highlights:

Welcoming the international delegates to India, the Prime Minister said, “We have been working on a vision of Antyodaya which means empowering the last person at the last mile, in a mission mode. 450-million unbanked people, a population greater than that of USA, were brought under banking net and 135-million people, about twice the population of France, were given insurance. Sanitation facilities were taken to 110-million families and tap water connections to over 60-million households. India is ensuring no one is left behind.’’

The PM further pointed out that technology and talent are the two pillars that are key to India’s development journey. Technology brings transformation, he said, citing the example of JAM trinity which has delivered welfare benefits to 800-million people seamlessly and of the tech platform that powered the world’s largest vaccination drive.

5 Major Things about UN World Geospatial Information Congress:

1. Geospatial technology can be used to create intelligent maps and models which help to collect geographically referenced data. Decisions based on the value and importance of resources, most of which are limited, can become easy through geospatial technology, according to the UNWGIC website.

2. The theme of UNWGIC 2022 is ‘Geo-Enabling the Global Village: No one should be left behind’, which focuses on building a community for human data and geography against the three pillars of sustainable development for a shared future and a better world, leaving no one behind within an inclusive and equitable global society.

3. The United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) convened the conference on UNWGIC 2022 and was organised by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. It was hosted by the ministry of science and technology of the government of India.

4. The move aims to provide high-quality and trustworthy geospatial data to support global and national policy agendas. It also stresses international cooperation and coordination in the development of human data linked to geography. It promotes societal development and well-being, addresses environmental and climate challenges, and embraces digital transformation and technological advancement.

5. Intelligent maps and models can be created using geospatial technology. It can be used to reveal spatial patterns hidden in large amounts of data that are complex to access collectively through mapping.

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