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Russia’s Sberbank establishes major IT unit in Bengaluru

Sberbank’s branch in India has been granted permission by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up an IT unit in Bengaluru. The newly established IT office will serve as Sberbank’s in-house Data Processing Center.

Bengaluru: India’s Leading Scientific and Industrial Center

  • Bengaluru, India’s third largest city, is renowned as the country’s foremost scientific and industrial hub.
  • With specializations in aerospace, engineering, electronics industries, and IT product development, the city has earned the title of “Silicon Valley of India.”

Sberbank’s Focus on Information Technologies

  • Sberbank’s India branch has been operating in New Delhi since 2010, offering a wide range of financial services, the new Bengaluru office will exclusively concentrate on developing information technologies.
  • The IT hub will not only cater to the technological requirements of the Indian branch but also take charge of creating and implementing new digital products for clients.
  •  The bank plans to employ up to 200 IT specialists in the Bengaluru unit, underscoring its commitment to fostering growth and providing employment opportunities in the region.

Sberbank: A Leading Global Financial Institution

  • PJSC Sberbank stands as Russia’s largest bank and a prominent global financial institution.
  • With nearly one-third of the aggregate Russian banking sector assets and a significant role as a key lender to the national economy, Sberbank’s expansion in India further solidifies its position in the international financial landscape.


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