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Santiago Pena wins Paraguay vote, keeps rightwing party in power

On May 1, 2023, Paraguayans went to the polls to elect their next president. In a surprising turn of events, Santiago Pena of the right-wing Colorado Party emerged as the winner, defeating center-left challenger Efrain Alegre. The election result has raised concerns about corruption within Paraguay’s political system, as the Colorado Party has been in power for almost eight decades and has been tainted by graft allegations.

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The Rise of Santiago Pena:

Santiago Pena, an economist and former finance minister, campaigned on a platform of economic growth and job creation. He pledged to boost foreign investment in Paraguay and promised to lower taxes to stimulate economic activity. Pena’s victory is seen as a continuation of the Colorado Party’s rule, which has prioritized pro-business policies over social welfare programs.

The Corruption Controversy:

The Colorado Party’s long history of governance has also been marked by corruption allegations. Former president and party leader Horacio Cartes was recently sanctioned by the United States over graft. The allegations have led many Paraguayans to demand greater transparency and accountability from their elected officials. However, Pena has not addressed the issue of corruption in his campaign, raising concerns about his commitment to reforming Paraguay’s political system.

The Center-Left Challenge:

Efrain Alegre, the center-left challenger, had campaigned on a platform of combating institutional corruption and promoting social welfare policies. He had a narrow lead in opinion polls ahead of the election, but ultimately lost to Pena. Alegre’s defeat has raised questions about the viability of the center-left in Paraguay’s political landscape.

The Future of Paraguay:

Pena’s victory means that the Colorado Party will continue to govern Paraguay, but concerns about corruption within the political system are likely to persist. The incoming president will need to address these issues to regain the trust of Paraguayans and to ensure that the country can achieve long-term stability and prosperity.

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