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Shahjahanpur District of UP Amongst Top Ranked District on the Jal Jeevan Mission

Shahjahanpur has become number one in the country in giving maximum number of tap connections in a month. Under the Jal Jeevan Mission, Shahjahanpur has created history in providing tap connections to every household in rural areas.

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More About This:

According to the data given on the website of Jal Jeevan Mission, Bulandshahr, Bareilly, Mirzapur have also got a place in this survey. This achievement is being considered as a big leap in the matter of rural drinking water supply. In this survey, districts are selected across the country on the basis of the progress of the scheme. 

The names of Shahjahanpur, Bulandshahr and Bareilly have been registered among the best performing districts of UP in October. In the ranking of districts, Shahjahanpur topped the best performing category by scoring 689990 marks. Bulandshahr is second by scoring 657180 marks and Bareilly is third in this category by scoring 619114 marks.

About Jal Jeevan Survekshan:

In Jal Jeevan Survekshan-2023, districts across the country are selected in 5 categories. In four categories, the districts with 100 percent tap connections in a month as front runners, the districts with 75 to 100 percent tap connections as high achievers, the achievers category, the districts providing 50 to 75 percent tap connections as performers. And districts with 0 to 25 percent tap water are included in the aspirant category.

About The Best Performers:

Shahjahanpur stood first in two categories. It has made it first in the aspirant category by giving 28419 tap connections in October alone. According to the website, till October 1, 44557 families were given tap connections. While till October 31, the figure of providing tap connections has reached 72976. 

Bulandshahr in second place in best performance and third in fast moving districts. It has provided 21260 household tap connections in October. Till October 1, the number of tap connections was 97129, which reached 118389 till October 31. Bulandshahr has made it to the aspirant category as the second state to provide 6 percent FHTC (where the supply starts from the tap) in a month.

Bareilly (with 619114 marks) stood second in the best performing category and was third in the aspirant category by giving tap water connections to 22,222 families in October.

Mirzapur (600,050 marks) stood second in the fast moving category for ensuring tap water connections to 20,655 families, officials said.

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