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Tata Power Launches ‘Ghar Ghar Solar’ Initiative in Uttar Pradesh

Tata Power Solar Systems Limited has launched the ‘Ghar Ghar Solar’ initiative in Uttar Pradesh, starting from Varanasi, aimed at providing every home with clean energy through rooftop solar solutions. This initiative promises substantial financial savings and environmental benefits for residents.

Key Benefits and Subsidies

Residents can avail a maximum subsidy of up to Rs. 1,08,000 on rooftop solar installation, combining Central and State Government subsidies. Tata Power Solar offers state-of-the-art technology with bifacial modules for higher efficiency and durability. Flexible financing options and a quick turnaround time ensure hassle-free adoption of solar power.

Financial Advantages

Installing a 3 kW solar rooftop can save residents up to INR 27,000 annually on electricity bills, with the potential to generate 12 units of electricity daily. Net metering allows for additional savings by feeding excess electricity back into the grid.

Application Process

Interested residents can apply through the UP government’s renewable energy website, complete the RTS application form, submit necessary documents, await approval and site inspection, and schedule installation with Tata Power Solar.

Tata Power’s Commitment

With over 34 years of expertise, Tata Power Solar aims to accelerate solar rooftop adoption across India, aligning with national goals for sustainable energy. Their comprehensive offerings include a 25-year warranty on modules, quality assurance, and extensive after-sales support.

About Tata Power

Tata Power, a leading integrated power company in India, has a diversified portfolio spanning renewable and conventional energy generation, transmission & distribution, and solar cell manufacturing. Committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, Tata Power continues to pioneer the clean energy transition in India.

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