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The G20 Film Festival kicked off with the screening of “Pather Panchali”

The first G20 film festival, organized by the Ministry of External Affairs and India International Centre, commenced in Delhi with the screening of the renowned drama film “Pather Panchali” by Satyajit Ray.

The distinguished veteran actor Victor Banerjee and G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant graced the festival’s grand opening, symbolizing a significant stride towards nurturing cross-cultural comprehension through the medium of cinema.

“Pather Panchali” Sets the Stage for a 17-Day Cinematic Journey

The festival unfolded against the backdrop of the Indian classic, “Pather Panchali“, directed by the visionary Satyajit Ray in 1955. This cinematic masterpiece, celebrated for its emotional depth and timeless relevance, set the stage for a cinematic extravaganza that will span 17 days, culminating on September 3rd. The captivating journey will encompass 15 more exceptional films that have left an indelible mark on the global cinematic landscape.

Here is the list of internationally acclaimed feature films scheduled for screening during the festival

S.No. Country Film Title
1 India Pather Panchali
2 Australia We Are Still Here
3 Australia Hearts And Bones
4 Brazil ANA. Untitled
5 China The Empty Nest
6 Poland Thou Shalt Not Hate
7 Germany Ivie Wie Ivie
8 Japan Aristocrats
9 Mexico Mezquite’s Heart
10 Spain Robe Of Gems
11 France My Night
12 Turkey Noah Land
13 South Korea Decision To Leave
14 Italy Happy As Lazzaro
15 USA The Cathedral
16 UK Footprints On Water

Bridging Nations through Cinematic Artistry: The G20 Film Festival’s Vision

As the festival weaves its cinematic narrative, its ambition is to create bonds, inspire conversations, and nurture comprehension between nations. Bound together by the worldwide language of film, the festival stands as a tribute to the potency of narrative and its capacity to foster ties that surpass boundaries. The G20 Film Festival seeks to honor and display the dynamic and cooperative alliance that exists among the G20 and invited nations in the realm of cinema.


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The G20 Film Festival kicked off with the screening of "Pather Panchali"_5.1