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UNDP and Denmark Launch “Green Rooms” in Ukraine

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Government of Denmark, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative in Ukraine, the establishment of “green rooms” at the National Police headquarters in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. This innovative project aims to create a safe and supportive environment for effective communication between law enforcement officers and child survivors or witnesses of crime.

The Concept of “Green Rooms”

The “green rooms” are specially designed spaces within police facilities that prioritize the well-being and rights of child survivors during investigative and procedural processes. With the recent launch in Zaporizhzhia and Vilniansk, these rooms play a pivotal role in facilitating interactions that are sensitive to the needs of children involved in legal proceedings.

Key Features of Green Rooms

Dual Spaces for Interaction: The “green room” consists of two spaces separated by special glass. One room serves as a communication area where police officers can interact with the child, while the other allows for discreet observation of the conversation. This setup ensures privacy and confidentiality.

Recording Capabilities: Interactions in the “green room” can be recorded, providing a valuable resource for court proceedings. This innovative approach minimizes the necessity of directly involving the child in legal processes, thereby preventing re-traumatization.

Child-Friendly Environment: The design and functionality of the “green room” create a child-friendly atmosphere, promoting a sense of security and comfort for children and adolescents who have encountered legal conflicts.

Project Implementation of Green Rooms

The initiative to establish these “green rooms” originated from the “Ehida Zaporizhzhia” NGO and received support from UNDP. The Government of Denmark has played a crucial role by providing financial assistance for the successful implementation of the project.

Impact on Child Protection

By introducing “green rooms,” the project addresses a critical aspect of child protection within the justice system. The child-centric approach ensures that their rights and freedoms are upheld during the investigative and procedural phases, fostering a more supportive environment for young survivors and witnesses.

Important Questions Related to Exams

Q1. What is the primary aim of the “green rooms” initiative introduced by UNDP and the Government of Denmark in Ukraine?

Q2. How do the “green rooms” prioritize the well-being and rights of child survivors during legal proceedings?

Q3. What are the key features of the “green rooms,” ensuring a safe and supportive environment for communication with child survivors?

Q4. How does the dual-space design of the “green room” contribute to maintaining privacy and confidentiality during interactions?

Q5. In what way does the recording capability of the “green rooms” impact court proceedings and reduce the re-traumatization of children?

Q6. What role does the Government of Denmark play in the successful implementation of the “green rooms” project?

Q7. How does the child-friendly environment of the “green rooms” contribute to the overall well-being of children involved in legal conflicts?

Q8. Which NGO initiated the establishment of “green rooms,” and how has UNDP supported this initiative?

Q9. What critical aspect of child protection within the justice system does the “green rooms” project address?

Q10. How does the child-centric approach of the “green rooms” foster a more supportive environment for young survivors and witnesses during investigative and procedural phases?

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