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World’s largest Ramayan temple in Bihar to be completed by 2025


The construction of the world’s largest temple, the Virat Ramayan temple, commenced on June 20 in Bihar’s east Champaran district. Led by Acharya Kishor Kunal, the Chairman of Shree Mahavir Asthan Nyas Samiti, the temple is set to surpass the size of the under-construction Ram Lala temple in Ayodhya.

Temple Specifications

  • The Virat Ramayan temple will occupy an area of 3.67 lakh square feet and feature a main structure standing at a height of 270 feet with another structure soaring to 198 feet.
  • Additionally, there are four more structures designed with heights of 180 feet each.
  • The temple itself will span 280 feet in length and 540 feet in width, making it larger in size compared to the Ayodhya temple, which measures 360 feet in length and 235 feet in width.

Temple Complex

Within the temple premises, there will be 22 temples dedicated to Shaiva and Vaishnav gods and goddesses. The site, encompassing 120 acres of land, will be developed as Janki Nagar, featuring an ashram, gurukul (educational institution), dharamshala (guesthouse), and other facilities.

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Materials Used

  • The construction of the temple will involve the usage of 250 tons of Mahabalipuram granite.
  • This granite will be utilized to create a Shivling (a symbolic representation of Lord Shiva) as well as a Sahastra Shivling (a thousand lingams), which has not been constructed in the country since the 8th century.

Important takeaways for competitive exams

  • The estimated cost of the temple’s construction is ₹500 crore.
  • ‘Ramayan temple’ in Bihar will be taller than current largest temple Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia which was built in the 12th-century
  • It is a three-storeyed structure with a housing space for 20,000 people


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