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7-year-old Prince from Bhutan becomes first digital citizen of the country

7-year-old Prince from Bhutan becomes first digital citizen of the country_4.1

Bhutan has taken a step towards modernising its digital infrastructure. The Himalayan kingdom has just found its first-ever digital citizen. The Bhutan National Digital Identity (NDI) mobile wallet, Royal Highness The Gyalsey (Prince) Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck has become the first digital citizen of Bhutan. The system in question uses cutting-edge technology to provide citizens with safe and verifiable credentials that can prove their identity.

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According to media report, India has been consistently supporting Bhutan’s efforts to establish a digital infrastructure. The two nations are collaborating on various technology initiatives. This includes the construction of Bhutan’s third international internet gateway, with the Indian government facilitating a concessional rate to reduce the cost of its operation. Under Bhutan’s flagship programme ‘Digital Drukul,’ an optical fibre backbone has been provided at the village level across all 20 districts of the country. As the country continues to expand its digital capabilities, this latest development marks a major milestone in Bhutan’s journey towards a digital future.

About the Bhutan NDI

The Bhutan NDI is based on the “self-sovereign identity” model, which in turn relies on the framework provided by the Decentralised Identity (DID) technology. It has been designed to accord people greater control over their personal information, allowing them to limit who can access it. ensuring their privacy and protection. The development of Bhutan NDI was made possible through a partnership between GovTech Bhutan and Bhutan-based DHI InnoTech. The company’s director, Ujjwal Dahal described the project as “important” and “pioneering.”

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Bhutan  Capital: Thimphu;
  • Bhutan  King: Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck;
  • Bhutan  Currencies: Bhutanese Ngultrum, Indian Rupee;
  • Bhutan  Official language: Dzongkha.

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