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Federal Bank Launches ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is Me’ Campaign in Chennai

The Federal Bank has initiated a unique campaign in Chennai, titled ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me,’ to celebrate the rich culture and stories of the local community. The campaign transforms an entire bank branch into a museum of local stories, showcasing the struggles and triumphs of individuals who make Adyar special. With vibrant paintings adorning the walls and an exclusive exhibition featuring 40 compelling stories, the campaign aims to capture the essence of Adyar.

Transforming the Adyar Branch into a Living Museum:

The Federal Bank’s Adyar branch has undergone a remarkable transformation for the ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me’ campaign. The branch has been converted into a living museum, showcasing the soul of Adyar through art and stories. Vibrant paintings now adorn the walls, reflecting the lively spirit of the locality.

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Capturing Compelling Stories:

In preparation for the campaign, the Federal Bank’s team ventured into the neighborhoods of Adyar, engaging with the local community. They listened to the people’s stories and collected around 100 stories and photographs from the individuals they interviewed. Out of these, 40 of the most compelling stories were selected for the exclusive exhibition at the Adyar branch.

An Exclusive Exhibition:

The heart of the ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me’ campaign lies in the exclusive exhibition at the Adyar branch of the Federal Bank. For two weeks, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., visitors can experience the diverse stories and experiences of the people of Adyar. The exhibition serves as a tribute to the residents of Adyar, showcasing their everyday journeys, joys, and accomplishments.

A First-of-Its-Kind Micro-Marketing Initiative:

The ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me’ campaign sets a new precedent in the banking industry as a first-of-its-kind micro-marketing initiative. By celebrating the local culture and stories, the Federal Bank aims to connect with the community on a deeper level. The campaign goes beyond traditional marketing approaches, emphasizing the importance of human experiences and personal connections.

Auto-Rickshaws as Brand Ambassadors:

To further spread the message of the campaign, over 100 auto-rickshaws in Adyar have been decorated with the branding of the ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me’ campaign. These mobile advertisements serve as moving billboards, capturing the attention of residents and visitors alike. The vibrant branding on the auto-rickshaws reinforces the campaign’s spirit and creates additional buzz within the community.

Celebrating Life, Living, and Memories:

According to M.V.S. Murthy, Chief Marketing Officer of the Federal Bank, the ‘I am Adyar, Adyar is me’ campaign represents a sincere effort by the bank to celebrate the life, living, and memories of the people of Adyar. The bank is honored by the gracious sharing of stories by the neighbors around its Adyar branch. Murthy emphasizes that the faces and stories showcased in the exhibition reflect the everyday journeys, joys, and accomplishments of Adyar.

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