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FIFA World Cup: List of World Cup Winners (Men and Women)

FIFA World Cup Winners List

FIFA World Cup is an international association of football competition. It is contested by senior men’s national teams of the members of FIFA. FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. The tournament was inaugurated in 1930 and since then it is awarded every four years. In 1942 and 1946, it was kept on hold due to the second world war. The last FIFA World Cup was held in 2018, in which Russia was the host country and France was the winner, while Croatia became the runner. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played in Qatar. In this article, you’ll know about the winners, runners-up, and host countries from 1991-2022 in FIFA World Cup.


List of FIFA World Cup from 1991-2018

List of FIFA World Cup winners- Men
Year Host Countries Winner Countries Host Countries
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia
1938 France Italy Hungary
1950 Brazil Uruguay Brazil
1954 Switzerland West Germany Hungary
1958 Sweden Brazil Sweden
1962 Chile Brazil Czechoslovakia
1966 England England West Germany
1970 Mexico Brazil Italy
1974 West Germany West Germany Netherlands
1978 Argentina Argentina Netherlands
1982 Spain Italy West Germany
1986 Mexico Argentina West Germany
1990 Italy West Germany Argentina
1994 USA Brazil Italy
1998 France France Brazil
2002 South Korea/Japan Brazil Germany
2006 Germany Italy France
2010 South Africa Spain Netherlands
2014 Brazil Germany Argentina
2018 Russia France Croatia
2022 Qatar
List of FIFA World Cup winners- Women
Year Host Countries Winner Countries Host Countries
1991 China United States Norway
1995 Sweden Norway Germany
1999 United States United States China
2003 United States Germany Sweden
2007 China Germany Brazil
2011 Germany Japan United States
2015 Canada United States Japan
2019 France United States Netherlands
2023 Australia and New Zealand

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