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Har Ghar Dastak 2.0: Objectives and Role of Government

Har Ghar Dastak 2.0

Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 is relaunched by the government of India to facilitate the vaccination process in all the states of India and the union territories from 1st June to 31st July 2022. The states and union territories are advised to take the campaign seriously this time to make people aware and make India fully vaccinated. The campaign’s main aim is to immunize people by taking the vaccine and enjoying the benefits.

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Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign: About

Har Ghar Dastak was launched during the second wave of Covid-19. It was not easy to achieve great results with the campaign because there were crores of people affected by Covid-19 already. The government of India took the initiative and implemented the Har Ghar Dastak campaign all over India. The healthcare workers were provided with vaccine shots and sent door to door to make people immunized. The main aim of this drive was to vaccinate people living in remote areas and districts with low healthcare facilities.

Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign: Objectives

The campaign has a few objectives which are listed below-

  1. To vaccinate the eligible groups first. (The people who are ready for their second dose)
  2. To arrange Door to door campaign and take proper precautions.
  3. People aged between 60-70 years wee the major focus.
  4. Campaign focused on schools, colleges, homes, brick kilns, etc.

Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign: Governments role

The government ensured that the states and union territories have undertaken effective measures and monitoring with micro-plans based on lists of eligible citizens. The government ensured that the state and union territories review the administration of precaution doses for the age groups of 18-59 in private hospitals.

A total of 193.57 crores doses have been administered across the country. 96.3 percent of people above 15 years have received at least one dose and 86.3 percent have received both of the Covid-19 vaccine doses says the health minister. With the implementation of the Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign government wants to ensure that the people living in remote areas will have low healthcare facilities get the precautions doses.

Union Health Minister in a video conference advised the states and union territories to plan a two-month-long schedule for Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign, which should focus on door-to-door campaigns. The first Har Ghar Dastak campaign was continued till 31st December, which focused on 100% vaccination of the first dose of Covid-19. It was started on 16th January 2021.

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